Kostas Kampouropoulos – Count Orloff

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Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)
Count Orloff
painted between 2007-2016
oil on canvas 
50 x 40 cm.

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Artist/Maker: Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Oil on canvas

Date: Painted between 2007-2016 

Dimensions: H. 50 cm. x W. 40 cm.

Art style: Portraiture/Romantic elements with surrealistic expressionistic structures

Current Location: Private collection

Curator’s note: A fictional portrait inspired by other similar depictions of the famous Russian Count. Count Orloff became an almost holy figure in Russia due to his contribution to the establishment of the legendary Empress of Russia, Catherine II The Great, at the Russian throne.
Inspired by the history, which he was fond of studying, the painter emphasizes on this portrait of one of the most significant heroes of the russian history, herein observed as a ‘watcher’ of the society. Count Orloff, as a strong believer of the Hellenic Cause, is considered as one of the main supporters of the planning of the Hellenic Revolution against the Ottoman rule. Being an activist of his era, as far as the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire is concerned, province of which Hellas was at that time, he contributed essentially to the implementation of the Hellenic Revolution that started some 40 years after his death (in the early 19th century).
Through a minimalistic approach and a personal aesthetic that rejects any standard form and finish, the portrayal of the glorious Russian Count creates an intimate encounter with the viewer. The sharp colour contrast of the bright face, with the thoughtful gaze, in addition with a physical intertwining of choppy brushstroke adds to the timeless glory of the dynamic and revolutionary character of the Count.