Kostas Kampouropoulos – Scottish Officer

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Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)
Scottish Officer
painted between 2007-2016
oil on canvas
40 x 30 cm.

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Artist/Maker: Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Oil on canvas

Date: Painted between 2007-2016

Dimensions: H. 40 cm. x W. 30 cm.

Art style: Portraiture/Romantic elements with surrealistic expressionistic structures/Abstract art

Current Location: Private collection

Curator’s note: A profile posed portrait of a Scottish Officer, with a reference to the Royal Highlanders Guard (a distinct unit of the British Army of the early 20th century). A possible reference to the expeditionary forces, the British allies sent to Hellas during the War for Independence from the Ottoman rule (which took place in the early 19th century).    
The painting is characterized by a romanticism style with emphasis on individualism and intense emotion, as an authentic source of aesthetic experience that culminates to the glorification of the past. It addresses its audience with what was intended to be felt as the personal historical voice of the artist; a voice that becomes a kind of visual poem through the use of a similarly restrained palette with broad black and brown planes contrasted only by asymmetrical tones of grey; something that also adds to the intrigue of the Officer’s facial expression like he is aware that we, the viewers, are discussing about him.