Vasilios Roumeliotis / Roumelight- Wheelight Gold n Blue


Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight     
Wheelight Gold n Blue
metal alloy, acrylic glass
navy blue canvas, bronze gold metal parts
90 x 14 x 63 cm.                                

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Artist/Maker: Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight

Object/Materials and Techniques: Metal Alloy, Acrylic Glass   

Date: Created in 2014

Dimensions: H. 90 cm. x D. 14 cm. x Diam. 63 cm.

Colours: Navy Blue Canvas / Bronze Gold Metal Parts    

Art style: Light Art / Luminism / Lighting sculpture / Industrial Design

Current Location: Artist’s collection, Mykonos

Curator’s note: Mainly made from a recycled crooked bicycle wheel, the Gold n Blue Wheelight from Roumelight lighting collection, as reflects on a black glass canvas, showcases inventively an interplay between light and shadow.

An eco-friendly medium of both sports and transportation, bicycle, transforms itself into an alternative source of light, drawing, at the same, attention upon crucial environmental and energy conservation matters of today.   

Based on a radial structure, featuring a wheel of knitted radius, as originated from a far more classic bicycle, larger than ordinary, this statement lighting piece of ecological character, fashioned mainly of recyclable materials, has been exhibited at the window shop of the Benaki Museum in Athens.

The lighting emitted by the perimeter wreath is blue, while the lighting colour of the lamps is warm white.

As far as the background is concerned, in place of the plexiglass there is a choice of coloured glass or glass with printing (of any subject). In addition, the wheel is available in different sizes and colours.

The inner luminous wreath is dimmable, while likely is a selection of different lighting combinations (inner wreath, outer or both). There is also a large variety of lighting colour on the outside luminous wreath.

In addition, the style of the wheel may vary (classic with braided spokes or radial without braided spokes). However, there is the option of choosing a rectangle (instead of a circular canvas) giving an overall different style to the Wheelight installation.

Within its rotund rhythm of lighting and form, and its biodegradable nature, the Gold n Blue Wheelight certainly sets up a manifestation of superior industrial design.

Nelly Fili

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Dimensions 63 × 14 × 90 cm