Vasilios Roumeliotis / Roumelight – The Olympian

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Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight                                                   
The Olympian 
engraved metal canvas
white canvas, red light
90 x 4 x 60 cm.

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Artist/Maker: Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight

Object/Materials and Techniques: Engraved Metal Canvas

Date: Created in 2017

Dimensions: H. 90 cm. x D. 4 cm. x W. 60 cm.

Colours: White Canvas, Red Light  

Art style: Light art / Luminism / Lighting sculpture

Current Location: Artist’s collection, Athens

Curator’s note: ‘The Immortal Olympian Ideals Interpreted in Modern Aesthetics.’

Minimal appearance with strong presence define this exceptional lighting art piece. With a nod to Olympic Games of ancient era and the epitomes they represent, the Olympian from the Roumelight lighting collection exemplifies modernity through timeless simplicity and reflection of Ancient Hellenic effortless class.     

Drawing inspiration by the prominent discobolus motif of the Ancient Hellenic sculpture and iconography, the graceful outlines of a corpus in a potential motion reflect the earnest and conscientious action exerted by the portrayed discus thrower, and the use of physical energy placed in his strain. It is the moment of stasis just before the release.

The laurel leaf wreath on his head echoes the era evoked by the ancient athletic competitions. It highlights the infinity of the Ancient Hellenic honorary symbol and praise for triumph and achievement, awarded mainly to victors in athletic games, including the ancient Olympics –for which it was made of wild olive-tree and it was known as kotinos. Even in modern times it is widely known and still remains a symbol of glory and honor.

The chosen red lighting colour further incarnates the overall eternal Olympian spirit, making the design contour of the figure form rather sensory, unfolding, at the same time, an overall evocative tension.      

The work has a completely different look when is turned off in a bright room than when it is lit in a dark place or in dim light. When lit, the illuminating legend athlete plays a special spirited role in crossing eras, plus imbues the dark space with light and soul by unfolding glorious moments from the past and allowing them to thrive.

Nothing compares to ancient archetypes embodied in modern tendencies. The Olympian ethics as introduced by the Ancient Hellenics with emphasis on the importance of fair play, good sportsmanship and civility become point of reference of modern and contemporary art creations, against any overwhelming passage of time.    

The Olympian with the aesthetic signature of Roumelight may be customized, upon request, in different colours and sizes.

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Dimensions 90 × 4 × 60 cm