Vasilios Roumeliotis / Roumelight – Mona Lisa

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Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight
Mona Lisa
perforated metal canvas
deep pink (in stock)
75 x 4 x 75 cm.

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Artist/Maker: Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight 

Object/Materials and Techniques: Perforated Metal Canvas

Date: Created in 2017

Dimensions: H. 75 cm. x D. 4 cm. x W. 75 cm.

Colours: Deep Pink (currently in stock)

Art style: Light art / Luminism / Lighting sculpture

Current Location: Artist’s collection, Athens

Curator’s note: A homage to the ultimate celebrity of Art History that turned herself into a powerful brand: Mona Lisa / La Gioconda.

The best known archetypal masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance painted by Leonardo da Vinci, in 1503, constitutes one of the most communicated work of art of all times, in the whole world.

Mona Lisa has been developed into a readymade icon that grows more and more legendary over the years being re-imagined and recreated by a plethora of creatives of different styles, among whom, by one of the most brilliant artist of the 20th century, Andy Warhol.

Reacting not only to the painting portrait itself but to the reputation and power of her image and appeal, in a Pop Art style infused with duplications, Andy Warhol reinvented her renowned visage in becoming the most iconic modern day masterpiece. He created his own Pop rendition of the Renaissance masterwork and then, through his celebrated series of multi-coloured reproduced canvasses, he succeeded in verifying that high art can be easily linked to popular and consumer culture, plus commoditized and dispersed through mass media in the same way as a Campbell’s soup can or a Brillo box does.   

In this sense, inspired by the ultimate Pop icon as introduced by Andy Warhol, Vasilios Roumeliotis chooses to incorporate the famous artwork in his ingenious lighting art creations by his brand Roumelight. The lighting installation that delivers Mona Lisa’s portrait features a metal canvas perforated by more than 3,500 holes.

Capitalizing on the interplay of light and shades that adds highly on the mystery that enshrouds Mona Lisa’s figure throughout the centuries, Vasilios Roumeliotis makes use of the advantages of contemporary light art in order to put emphasis on her most legendary characteristics: the enigma of her smile and the covert arcanum in her eyes. Signifying at the comparable painterly effects of sfumato and chiaroscuro as employed by Leonardo da Vinci and masterfully reproduced later by Andy Warhol through his unique silk-screening and polished technique, Vasilios Roumeliotis succeeds in revealing the famous image resourcefully within the medium of light expression.         

The piece may be fashioned in a variety of dimensions, lighting modes, plus metal and canvas colorations. Each one produces a different aesthetic effect to suit several moods and settings. It may be displayed as a standalone piece or as a set of 4 altered coloured iterations, and more, based on Andy Warhol’s Pop art style, highlighting on the pervasive nature of one of the most reproduced painting images in modern society: the ‘luminous’ Mona Lisa.

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Dimensions 75 × 4 × 75 cm