A selection of Press highlights 

Press release at the online journal

The hellenic participation of Nelly Fili among the curators of one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in Venice, Italy. Read more   

Interview at the cultural pullout of the Sunday ‘AXIA‘ newspaper.

An interview of Nelly Fili about the art sector, focusing on the project Nelly co-curated with eight worldwide curators (Hellas, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile), in Venice, Italy during the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale; the group exhibition of contemporary art ‘Good Night, and Good Luck.’ at A plus A Gallery in Venice, Italy.

Italian Press ‘Artribune‘ about the group exhibition ‘Good Night, and Good Luck.

An ‘apropos’ exhibition with strong storytelling !

Credits and special thanks to the owners of A plus A Gallery: Aurora Fonda & Sandro Pignotti.

 Read more

Article at ‘Widewalls‘, one of the premier urban and contemporary art resources for collectors.

It resents the group exhibition ‘Good Night, and Good Luck.’ in A plus A Gallery in Venice, Italy.

Curators: Aderonke Akinyele, Paola Aluzzi, Chiara Argentino, Paula Bruzzi Berquó, Maria de los Angeles Donoso, Livia Zaffalon, Nelly Fili, Sheila Zago

Artists: Giuseppe Abate, Bill Balaskas, Stefan Baltensperger & David Siepert, MarcoCeroni, Discipula, Stefano Serretta, The Cool Couple (Niccolo’ Benetton – Simone Santilli) Read more

Hellenic Press about the Concert of Byzantine Music.

In a devout atmosphere, an evening dedicated to sounds and melodies from the rich Byzantine tradition was presented at the ‘Christos Lambrakis‘ Hall of the Athens Concert Hall and was organised by Nelly Fili, in conjunction with ‘Centre of Providing Free Artistic Expression‘ and the Holy Synod.

Coming the Lord to the Passionless Void‘ the title of the Concert that was placed in time before the Holy Week and became a reference point as an important cultural and charitable event of Easter Day. Read more 

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